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Suzanne Reeves

Co-Founder & CEO, Unicorn Fuel

Suzanne is an experienced entrepreneur and design leader fascinated by AI's transformative potential. She's run her own successful design firm for the past 10 years, built and mentored design teams, and has degrees in Psychology and Fine Art. Passionate about nurturing the next generation of 'design unicorns', she helps teams and individuals leverage strategy, design, and building skills, believing AI tools can exponentially expand our creative potential.


Suzanne's fascination lies in the transformative potential of generative AI-tools that not only enhance creativity but also empower designers to transition from pure design to becoming creators. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she also recognizes the operational efficiencies and strategic advantages that AI and automation can deliver.

Her career took off as a leader at an international urban planning & engineering firm, where she spearheaded the design team working on the visionary Master Plan for Mecca, Saudi Arabia. During this time, she also grew her team to 10 designers, developers and illustrators. She excelled at mentoring aspiring designers who have since embarked on their own successful careers. Suzanne's commitment to education extended to being a repeat guest lecturer at OCAD University.

Launching her own company, Suzanne navigated the challenges of running a successful design firm, engaging in impactful projects such as launching a youth mental fitness app, designing a socially-conscious e-commerce platform, and advising founders on strategic branding and go-to-market approaches.

Suzanne is passionate about using her insights to shape the future of design. She's committed to mentoring the next generation of 'design unicorns', helping them leverage strategy, design, operations, and building skills to reach their full potential. She firmly believes that "No-code and AI-powered tools are a complete game changer for designers, founders, and designers-aspiring-to-be-founders."

With a relentlessly positive outlook and a unique talent for identifying individual strengths, Suzanne is eager to guide you in leveling up your skills. She'll foster the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to navigate our rapidly evolving world - all while ensuring you enjoy the journey!

Fun facts: Suzanne and Kirk are also life partners and will be married this summer on beautiful Vancouver Island. Both were born in the US and now live in Canada. They recently moved to Victoria, BC, after living for many years in Toronto, Ontario. They are the proud parents of two totally adorable and loving cats.

West coast muppets in love ❤️ (Image made in Midjourney)


James March
Professor, Digital Product Design, Sheridan College

In the several years that I have worked in the design industry, never have I come across a leader so well-balanced and level-headed with candor and genuineness. I have learned a great deal from Suzanne from both professional and design standpoints and respect her wholeheartedly as a designer and person.

Richard Olsen
Manager at Aecon Group Inc

An unbelievable talent in both her field and her management of personnel. I have never worked with someone so skilled at motivating others while at the same time being such an incredible designer herself. I hold Suzanne in the highest regard as a professional and as a person.

Melissa Archer
Product Designer at BMO Financial Group

Suzanne was an inspiring Creative Director and a pleasure to work with. She was constantly pushing the creative work that came out of the group, and so focused on how to communicate an effective message in each project. Her lessons allowed me to improve my design skills immensely. She has been a truly amazing mentor to me.